How Savvy A Leader Are You?
Do you wonder if your skills as a leader
can truly take your business to the next level?
Do you wonder if your skills as a leader can truly take your business to the next level?
Board Director | Business Coach | Interim CEO
My name is Larry Putterman. I’m a successful entrepreneur who specializes in helping other business owners improve their company’s growth and stability.
Does your company need Fresh Eyes?
Sometimes all it takes is someone with a fresh viewpoint, unencumbered by company politics or culture to help find the right solution. I will work with you to look at where you want to go and help you find the best way to get there.

My business was in a very bad place. My management team controlled me, and our profit levels were at a record low. Things had really spun out of control. Larry listened to what was going on, reviewed my company financials, and provided helpful feedback. Together, we identified and targeted areas for significant improvement and… were successfully able to get back on track towards profitability, in a big way.

Not only is Larry a valuable asset when it comes to sharing experience and offering advice, he is also an excellent listener. Beyond all of the issues he helped me process, there was a big benefit to having scheduled, dedicated 2 hour sessions monthly with him. It forced me to take a step back each month, and think more about the big picture.

When I think of the past year working with Larry, words that come to mind are: experience, support, trust, value and progress. I highly recommend Larry to anyone who is struggling to progress in their business, and could benefit from the support Larry provides.

Josh Cohen

Founder & CEO, The Junkluggers & Luggers Moving

Larry is a strategic leader who manages for results. We worked together on a marketing campaign for his company where he drove innovating thinking and consist improvement in the campaign. He was able to quickly grasp the nuances of online marketing and work with the team to deliver results, while maintaining a strategic focus.

David Reske

Founder & President, Nowspeed, Inc.

Larry brought his analytical approach to every aspect of the business. For example, after carefully observing the sales team in action as well as the current marketing materials, he put in place a carefully crafted, highly effective marketing program that drove fully qualified leads to the sales team, essentially transforming the sales process. I highly recommend Larry and would be honored to work with him again in the future.

Joann White

Manager, Client and Broker Relationship Systems, FM Global

Larry has been an advisor to our Company for the past 6 months. During this time he has provided actionable advice on Business Strategy, Business Operations, and Marketing. The advice and suggestions provided by Larry led directly to improvements in our accounts receivable operations and were incorporated into our customer outreach strategy. Larry is approachable, has always made himself readily available, and brings years of business experience to every conversation.

Tim Chapin

Founder & CTO, CDC Software

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Board Director | Business Coach | Interim CEO

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