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Overcoming the 5 Dangers of Micromanaging

Micromanagers make people feel worthless and slow organizational growth. Entrepreneurs, who cling to micromanaging styles, sabotage success. Entrepreneurs are micromanagers. They start out with small organizations and make all decisions. But, they fail when companies outgrow their capacity. They micromanage until a major “screw-up” or event occurs and they are forced to delegate.

Planning Saved My Business

Poor planners never have enough time and run from fire to fire. They’re days are filled with crisis. People without a plan are controlled by their environment. Their team sees them as having no direction. 6 reasons planning is a pain: Consumes time. Hard to concentrate on the goal. Feels like you aren’t getting anywhere. […]

Vetoing a Team Decision Saved My Company

Poor leaders have trouble making decisions. They follow team consensus. Poor leaders never veto a team’s decision. Consensus decision-making has it place but great leaders also make unilateral decision. Leaders must make difficult decisions even though team members do not agree. Tough decisions go against the team. 4 reasons teams disagree with a leader: 1. […]