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The Five Rules of Ultimate Influence

The problem is: entrepreneurs manipulate people in situations instead of persuading. I recently spoke with Bob Burg successful author and coauthor with over 1,000,000 books in print. He is coauthor of the bestseller: The Go-Giver. … [Read More]

Why Companies Need Large and Small Customers?

Relying on large customers is tempting but dangerous. When they leave, large customers create big voids. LARGE CUSTOMERS:Increase sales.Dictate policy and make big demands.Provide low margins.Create dependency.Take all the companies resources.Pay … [Read More]

8 Strategies for Dealing with Cyber Risks

Target, a national retailer, announced 40 million credit and debit card accounts of customers had been stolen. The Target breach is officially the second largest breach of a retailer in history. Cybercrime threatens all businesses. Cyber threats are … [Read More]

11 Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Succeed

The odds are against entrepreneurs. Most fail. I asked Marty Zwilling, author, CEO, and founder of Startup Professionals, Inc, why 9 out of 10 startups fail? … [Read More]

13 Reasons a Leader Knows It’s Time to Step Down

Hanging on too long makes you irrelevant. Organizations change. Leaders should change too. You may not be the best person to lead your business forward. The skills that worked yesterday may not work today or tomorrow. … [Read More]

How to Create an Exceptional Organization

  Leave a comment on today’s post for a chance to win one of five free copies of Compass. This post is based on a conversation with my friend, William F. Brandt, about his new book, Compass. It is an invaluable guide for creating and growing … [Read More]

Overcoming the 5 Dangers of Micromanaging

Micromanagers make people feel worthless and slow organizational growth. Entrepreneurs, who cling to micromanaging styles, sabotage success.Entrepreneurs are micromanagers. They start out with small organizations and make all decisions. But, they … [Read More]

Planning Saved My Business

Poor planners never have enough time and run from fire to fire. They’re days are filled with crisis. People without a plan are controlled by their environment. Their team sees them as having no direction. 6 reasons planning is a pain:Consumes … [Read More]

Vetoing a Team Decision Saved My Company

Poor leaders have trouble making decisions. They follow team consensus. Poor leaders never veto a team's decision. Consensus decision-making has it place but great leaders also make unilateral decision. Leaders must make difficult decisions even … [Read More]

#1 Secret to Increasing Profits with Existing Customers

If you want to see increasing profits thru sales with existing customers then this is the most important post you’ll read all year.  Repeat customers sustain and grow businesses. Building loyalty yields incredible rewards - especially, to your bottom … [Read More]